The 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Read the 32-page book dedicated to dinosaurs and construct the detailed 3D model of the T-rex.

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Some 230 million years ago, in the Mesozoic Era, wonderful creatures appeared on the Earth: Dinosaurs. Carnivores and herbivores, sea and land reptiles and flying creatures dominated a primordial landscape, warm and humid, perfect for the development of life. There was only one undisputed ‘king’ of the dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus rex. With its sharp teeth, sturdy legs and long tail, it is the most famous and fearsome predator of all time.

Read the book full of fascinating facts about dinosaurs and the Tyrannosaurus and then piece together your own 3D model.

32-page illustrated book filled with interesting and fun facts about the best known dinosaurs.

Assembled model: 66 cm long x 46 cm high, 53 pieces (a bit of a beast – he’s big!)

The model is easy and fun to assemble and doesn’t require glue or scissors.

  • Box Dimensions: 23cm x 32.5 cm x 5 cm
  • Suitable for 6+


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