Unicorn Fun! Game

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Three fun unicorn-themed games in one box!
3 games in 1 for even more fun!
Choose from three magical games; Unicorn Party, Happy Cloud, Sad Cloud or Build a Unicorn!
Offers excellent variety and value for money, perfect for keeping children entertained and engaged.


Three games in one box! Take your pick from this fantastic selection of unicorn-themed games. Help the unicorns get to the party in this exciting board game or turn the board over for a game of unicorn-themed snakes and ladders. you can also use the unicorn boards as a mix and match activity and unleash your creativity with different outfit combinations!

Game 1: Take turns to travel around the board collecing items for your unicorn, cross the rainbow and be the first to get to the Unicorn Party.

Game 2: Follow the magical path climbing up happy clouds and shooting down sad clouds in this fun twist on Snakes and Ladders in Happy Cloud, Sad Cloud.

Game 3: Roll the dice and add item cards to your unicorn in this fun Build a Unicorn game!

Designed for ages 4-8, Unicorn Fun offers the perfect balance between learning and fun, and offers fantastic value with 3 games in 1!

1 four-piece double-sided playing board
1 dice
4 unicorn playing pieces
4 character stands
16 item cards
4 double-sided unicorn boards
1 spinner
1 3D rainbow with cloud supports
1 instruction leaflet


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