Goose on the Loose Game

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A fun, colour-matching board game for all the family!
A fun family board game
Players shout “Goose on the loose” if their geese escapes
Players shout “Honk” when collecting geese for their board

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Watch out! There’s a Goose on the Loose! Help the farmers round up the escaped geese in this fun family board game.

This fun, family game features twenty-four 3D geese to collect. Each player is given a collection board and must roll the dice to make their way around the board rounding up the geese, shouting “Honk” whilst collecting their geese, but be careful your goose doesn’t escape or you’ll find yourself shouting “Goose on the Loose!”.

The winner is the player with the most geese on their board when everybody has finished the game.


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