Doowell Jungle & Safari Magnetic Colour-In Playscene

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This fabulously versatile and creative Doowell® Magnetic Colour-in Playscene features a magnetic folding playboard containing two colourful background scenes, as well as loads of paper colour-in pieces that can stick magnetically to the board.


Doowell® Magnetic Colour-in Playscenes are fabulously versatile and creative toys and make a refreshing alternative to screen-based entertainment!

Each set comes with a magnetic folding playboard containing two colourful background scenes as well as loads of colour-in pieces made from an ingenious paper that can stick magnetically to the board.

Children simply love the creativity that the Doowell Colour-in Playscenes allows them and will spend hour after happy hour, designing their own exciting and personalised worlds and devising adventures for the animals and characters. They adore to affix and reposition the pieces that they have artistically styled themselves, and then show off their creations to family and friends.

The Doowell Magnetic Playscenes’ magnetic paper pieces are pre-printed with outlined designs and can be coloured in using felt-tip pens, pencils and crayons.

Doowell Colour-in Playscenes make fantastic travel toys; ideal for keeping young children occupied and thoroughly absorbed on long journeys. Since all the pieces magnetically stick to the board, they are less likely to go missing and the colourful pack is very handy for storage too.

Doowell Colour-in Playscenes have won Top Toys’ Gold Award for Creative Toys– judged by children as well as adult professionals.

Age: 4-9 (36.5 x 25.5 cm, Pieces: 50+)

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