Puppet Craft – Holiday Friends

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Get ready for fun at the beach with Holiday Friends Puppet Craft from Fiesta Crafts!

Create your own two stunning finger puppets and then use them to act out adventures and shows!

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Children adore Puppet Crafts from Fiesta Crafts as not only will they love to spend hours of stimulating and creative fun as they put together two stunning finger puppets but afterwards they will be able to imagine and act out adventures and shows with their new fabric friends!

The Puppet Craft sets are stylishly and unusually presented in a very giftable natural kraft board pack with colourful rope handle and colour panels. Each kit contains body pieces, clothing templates, carved wooden head with a drilled finger hole, together with loads of fabrics and cords and threads that will let them design their very own pair of puppets.

Colourful pictorial and written instructions are supplied with the kit to enable children to produce the puppets mostly on their own, with some assistance from an adult as needed. We recommend adult supervision when cutting fabric and pieces with scissors.

Children aren’t usually intimidated by a challenge and will want to complete the puppets as much as possible under their own steam. Depending on age and ability, children may choose to sew pieces together with the needle supplied or simply glue all the pieces together.

Either way, Puppet Crafts kits are a superb way for children to hone their co-ordination and fine motor skills as well as learning how to follow instructions – not that we expect them to follow them to the letter, as we know how much children love to add their own creative touch! There is plenty of scope to customize the materials used, and draw their chosen facial expressions.

Unlike many other craft projects, with Puppet Crafts, children will equally derive a huge amount of satisfaction in crafting their own toys, as well as be proud of their very own special toy that they will love to animate to bring imaginative entertainment to all their family and friends.

Glue and pens are not supplied, use PVA glue and felt tip pens.

Age: 6-10 (8.5 x 12 cm, Pieces: 23+)

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